I was lucky enough to spend almost 6 weeks travelling during December and January for my honeymoon. I had an absolutely amazing time and really used the time as an opportunity to completely unwind and not think about work at all.

But now that I am back it is important to get back into the swing of things and decide what I am going to achieve this year.

Every year, I make the same news years resolutions; eat healthier, do more exercise, go to bed earlier, drink less wine, the usual ones really that a lot of people make, and usually break (and forget about) by March.

This year I thought I would forget about new years resolutions, and instead make blog and professional goals that I can actually measure myself against as the year progresses.

For those who don’t know, I have a full time job in a customer-experience marketing agency, where I work as a strategy director. It is a fairly full on role (that I love) where there have been times when I’ve had to work 17 hour days so if I don’t set goals on my own projects external to work, I get to the end of the year and feel like I haven’t achieved all that I wanted to.

This blog is one of those projects, and I decided to start it for a number of reasons:


  • To improve my writing skills

I really want to become a better writer, and write more conversationally. I love reading blogs and articles by someone whose voice you can really hear as you read. I think that by writing more frequently, I will get better with practice. And if I write about a topic I know a lot about, I hope people will read and learn from my experience.


  • To build a community where readers are able to learn actionable marketing strategies.

I want to use my expertise to help entrepreneurs and small businesses improve their marketing. I realised this was something I could be good at when the 10th person was asking me for advice on how to market their business and how to get more revenue. I love helping out and providing advice but if I create one place for everything, then I can direct them here to find out that information.

Of course I am still happy to answer any questions which is why I have a section called #AskKat (click here if you’d like to ask a marketing question).

I read a lot of marketing forums and I often see people stuck or unsure how they should market their business. Out of all the consultants on the Internet they don’t know which ones they can trust and I have read posts where entrepreneurs have paid for a marketing service and received what they were promised.

It’s really hard running a small business as you wear every hat but if you want to grow, marketing is a really important one so I hope if I build a community of like minded entrepreneurs we can help each other grow and but also have access to the know how and information to do your own marketing.


  • To continue to grow my skills and keep learning

Things change so quickly in the world on digital marketing so it is important that I continue to keep my skills up –to-date. Plus I also think it is so important to keep learning through out your life to make sure you feel fulfilled as a person. I never want to get to a point where I say “okay that’s it I am done with learning, I know all that I need to”.

I am big on goal setting, I strongly believe if I don’t have goals written down somewhere then I am less likely to achieve them. I think the beginning of the year is the perfect time to set some goals, by sharing them with everyone I hope that   makes me more accountable and more likely to follow through.


Here’s what I am working towards in 2017:

1. Attend or complete at least one course or event that will grow my skills or knowledge

With the fast pace of change when it comes to technology, I firmly believe it is important to stay on top of it in my industry. Technology and tools can change overnight, and new types of marketing can seemingly evolve out of nowhere.

On a side note this has served me really well in my professional career, for example I was on top of new technology when Marketing Automation was first becoming popular in Australia and I had skills that not many people had, and I could uniquely position myself which has really helped accelerate my career.

I plan to take all of my learnings over the year and practically apply the theory to business examples so you can easily see practical applications that will help you.


2. Create my professional social media presence and then grow, grow, grow.

I really want this to be a community and not just me publishing posts. So I will spend this year growing my social media presence, social media is great for two way dialogue and building a community. I plan to focus on Facebook, Instagram and pinitirest (although I think pintrest is more of a search engine than a social media tool ).

As I grow my presence, I’ll make sure I share any tips and how I do it that way hopefully you can see how my strategies can apply to your business too.


3. Post 2 blog posts per week

Okay I’ll admit with a full time job , that can often have really long hours, this one may be a little tricky but I am determined to stick to this one.

Writing a detailed article (2000+ words) with downloadable resources takes a lot more time so I’ll aim to do one of these per week and one shorter article that may be a new trick or tip that can be applied.


4. Grow my email subscribers to 10,000

I have only recently launched this blog so my subscribers are more in the hundreds but if I truly want to grow a community I need to focus on this one.

I do a lot of work in this area in my job so hopefully my expertise with businesses such as Commbank, Cochlear and Sydney Symphony mean I can excel at this goal.

Email marketing is absolutely one of the best ways to engage with your customers and grow your sales so I’ll make sure I share everything I know on this topic.



Four goals that are all achievable and will be interesting to work on. I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds, and I am really excited to get started on these goals!


What are your goals for the year?


Yearly goal setting